Friday, August 9, 2013

Kindergarten- Week 1: Our First

We have officially finished our first week of school. Truth be told, we had a very rough start. The two year old wasn’t having it. When attempting “room time” she knocked the baby gate down twice trying to get out. The pipe cleaner and bead activity I had for her resulted in dumped out beads and beads in the mouth. She lost her privileges needless to say. Each day got a little easier along the way and before I knew it, I praised my sweet two year old for how well she did during school that day. I say we still have some rough days ahead but all is well and it is all worth it.

Through the first week, I noticed things that I needed to do differently or leave out. I’ve noticed on most days my daily check off list is not completely finished and I’m actually OK with that. I could see Lily getting considerably tired through the afternoons and realized I needed to back up and ease in a little. She even took over a two-hour nap on Thursday and skipped drawing. That’s big because art was for sure going to be her favorite part. (Actually much to my surprise, building things with science is going to be her favorite part. I’ve even considered dropping everything and just building stuff. She asks every day!)

Lily, 5, playing with her baby doll after school

We managed to do scripture memory and catechism, math, a reading lesson (word building with –at, -en), handwriting, and literature reading every day. She made a 100 on her first math test, which is great! We did place value and that just seems hard for her little brain.

 For science she started her creation notebook for 106 Days of Creation and read Yellow and Pink. After reading we talked about evolution.

For history we began reading History for Little Pilgrims. We didn’t finish the chapter as I only have it scheduled for one day a week. I’m considering dropping it and just reading a chapter from Stories of Great American for Little Americans once a week. If I do this, that chapter will replace our literature reading for the day.

We also did a quick geography lesson by completing a floor puzzle of the United States and reviewed what a compass was and direction.

We met Edouard Manet and listened to Peter and the Wolf. We also read Meet the Orchestra by Ann Hayes (I keep catching JJ staring at Concert in the Tuileries that is hanging on the fridge. :) ) I introduced our hymn of the month, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. They all loved having their own sheet music and sang loud and proud during breakfast! We also managed to read poetry three days during lunch.

Lily played with an app on my phone for Spanish a few days. I actually let her do this on her own so she doesn’t feel so pressured. I really do see how her little brain is trying to grasp all this change of schedule and want to give her room to breath.

Lily had her first piano lesson this week! She was very excited and has picked it up very well. I’m not sure she thinks so and had a little “break down” on me yesterday during practice about how hard it was. We were able to have a discussion about not giving up and that it’s fine to mess up as long as we pick back up and try again.

We hope to do some observation of the night sky starting tonight for nature study. We’re going to record the moon phases and find the North Star.

I have been most impressed by Lily and JJ’s morning chores routine. They’ve been working on getting dressed, making their beds, and cleaning their room all before breakfast. After breakfast, they’re clearing the table, brushing their teeth, and each have an assigned chore to complete. They have really been doing an exceptional job at this. Habit training is a very necessary part of a Charlotte Mason education and we have much needed work in this area! We are also continuing work on the habit of obedience.
Although we had a rocky start, I’m very pleased with our first week. Getting it all recorded makes me realize how much we actually accomplished. My goal is to give my children a feast of ideas to make their own relations with the world around them. I believe God has given us a good start and my prayer is the Holy Spirit will plant the seeds of knowledge in their minds and hearts!

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  1. Aww...hang in there Michelle. I am still learning and tweaking things in our home's going to be our eighth year! :) My friend (who has ten children) emphasised to me the importance of routine and chores and obedience above formal schooling in the early days. She encouraged me to be sure that was all established before tackling the books. It was the best advice ever! Everything runs smoother when those things are in place. Blessings to you! Camille