The Teachers and Their Students

Nate and I have been married eleven years. I have always had a passion to homeschool even before I had children! Four little ones later, my ideas are completely different than my reality! I still find it a great privilege to have this amazing opportunity. I am so blessed to spend my days with these amazing people God chose for me to mother. The days are often hard, but I am always blessed.

I love all things Charlotte Mason and hope to one day be able to model our entire school days after her ideas. The purpose of this blog is to journal our journey into homeschooling and our experiences using Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education "southern style."

Lily, the senior student, is seven. She loves to draw and write. Playing with friends outdoors is her favorite thing to do. She's a climber and adventurous. She loves to take care of her siblings, especially baby Christian. Her favorite part of school is art. She's a talker and a dreamer.
JJ is 5 years old.  JJ loves baseball and fishing. He is our sweet and sensitive little man with a heart for the Lord. This is JJ's first year of official school. He has a work ethic like no other person I know.

Anna is 3 years old. Independent. Strong. Our emotional child. Some days words cannot possibly describe this child. From the day she was born she has brought us so much joy. She makes us laugh...and she makes us cry. I truly can't wait to see what God has in store for our Anna. And she always has a baby doll.

This is Christian. Christian is nearly two years old. Christian has as much passion and energy as his big sister, Anna. He is curious and fearless. Christian and Anna have taught Mommy to be attentive at all times.

We are a homeschooling family trying to make a Victorian education work in the rural south. As refined as we may try to be, we spend our weekends on the lake, in the hills, or watching Tennessee football. We love country music, fried chicken, and sweet iced tea.

We imagine this journey into homeschooling will be adventurous...but acknowledge that it may be quite humorous as well. We truly look forward to what the Lord has planned for our family.

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  1. Yay! Love the updated pics. Squeeze Anna Banana for me.