Sunday, September 1, 2013

After thoughts: One Month Later

As we finish up our first month of homeschool ever, I definitely see a different picture than I did four weeks ago. Allow me to just get them out there. They may be sporadic and random so bear with me.

At this season in my life, I just can’t do all I want to do. I’m holding onto the humanities/liberal arts for dear life though. The cultural perspective of the arts is something I want my children to learn, to value, and to carry on with them.

I felt relieved when a more experienced mom told me Nature Study was all my little ones need for science right now. She said “observation” is the beginning of all science. I thank God for that brief moment when through her I got the point that I don’t have to do a formal Science three days a week.

Habits. Habits. Habits. Habits are so much more important than academics. When I say habits I mean not just “clean your room and brush your teeth” but also “treat others with kindness” and “be diligent and glorify God in all you do”. We’re still working on the habit of obedience. And we are still working on our morning chore routine.

The mother who takes pains to endow her children with good habits secures for herself smooth and easy days; while she who lets their habits take care of themselves has a weary life of endless friction with the children (Vol. 1, p. 136). Oh how very true this is!!!

I realize at this moment in my life I am not what some would call a Charlotte Mason “purist.” I believe that if something works for my child that isn’t specifically considered Charlotte Mason, I haven’t broke some educational law and that my child is still going to be fine.  I really believe in her philosophy of education. This philosophy of education speaks to me and I want to learn more and more.  But I also know she was human and everything she said might not be what God wanted for each and every one of my children.

I’m learning that despite the crazy kids, the moody mom, the bad habits, and the not so “smooth and easy days,” by the grace of God my children are going to be fine. In the end, it is not what philosophy of education I use, what curriculum I use, how much scripture we have memorized, or what method we use for discipline...but only the grace of God that will get us through this.

And most importantly, despite the hard days, crazy kids, and moody mom, I am so completely thankful to get the opportunity to see and be with my kids every day. It is hard and it is tiring but I can’t imagine them not being here with me. I can’t imagine sending them to school and not being able to watch them grow every day. I am really getting what it means to enjoy being with my children.

Now...on to month two.


  1. Love reading your blog:-) So encouraging!

  2. What a wonderful, wise post, Michelle. By His grace...