Monday, October 21, 2013

What we are doing

My sweet momma wanted to know why I haven't updated lately. My response...we've been busy.

We've been busy being sick.
We've been busy learning math facts.
We've been busy babysitting Guinea pigs.

And busy learning to read!
We've been busy dancing!

We've been busy buying good books...

and reading good books.

We've been busy having a mother-daughter night out...

and seeing Little House for someone's first time in the theater.

We've been busy being Spiderman.

And someone has been busy moving and crawling and climbing!

We've been busy taking pictures with sweet sister.

And we've been busy learning about sourdough!

And truth be told we have a busier season ahead. Hopefully, we'll find time to share for you, Mammaw. (And even more hopeful...we'll see you soon!)

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