Monday, September 17, 2012

A Godly Education

I explained a couple of posts ago what intrigued me about Ms. Mason’s philosophy of education. One of the most important aspects, that I didn’t mention, was her belief in God, the Creator of all. A CM education will implement the Bible into the studies with Old and New Testament readings throughout the week along with the children giving narrations. Scripture was also encouraged to be used as copywork by Ms. Mason.

While my little ones aren’t ready for copywork or Bible narration of Old Testament stories, Nate and I have found it important to teach them early about the God of our home. I have gone through seasons where I will read them a Psalm a day or a chapter of Proverbs a day. We’ve toyed with different Bible storybooks. We currently have Kenneth Taylor’s Devotions for the Children’s Hour and Catherine Vos’s The Child’s Story Bible. Vos’s book seemed a little much for my little ones for now, so it has been put up on the shelf for later use.

For quite sometime now, we have implemented SCM’s scripture memory box in the morning along with the Westminster Catechism. Lily recently moved into the Shorter Catechism book, while JJ remains in The Catechism for Young Children. Another good supplement we have found for these is Judy Roger’s CD Why Can’t I See God? We were able to check it out from our local living books library and the children were very upset to return it.

A CM education will also implement a monthly hymn study. I hope to some day move to a hymn study, but for the time being we have decided singing psalms would be a good benefit for our family. We both come from a Baptist background so the psalms sung in the Presbyterian Church are very new to us. We currently enjoy doing a Psalm a month from Psalms of Praise. The acapella style of this CD is perfect for learning the psalms.

I look forward to seeing our children grow in the Lord through their education. We may set a time aside for learning about God’s Word, but we  also hope that our children will see God’s hand in each subject they encounter.
Check out THIS cute video of Lily a few years!

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