Friday, September 14, 2012

Handicrafts: Fingerknit Flowers


Not being very crafty myself, handicrafts have been a bit intimidating. My sweet girl loves to "sew" and paint and work with her hands. Ms. Mason said handicrafts should be something useful and something the child could carry on into adulthood. We borrowed this idea from Hearts and Trees and completed some fingerknit flowers. (Look along her left sidebar for a list of youtube videos.) Lily thoroughly enjoyed knitting these sweet little flowers! I have to say, I even made some myself. I hope to ignite a passion for some handicrafts of my own to allow the children to follow suit.

"The points to be borne in mind in children's handicrafts are: (a) that they should not be employed in making futilities such as pea and stick work, paper mats, and the like; (b) that they should be taught slowly and carefully what they are to do; (c) that slipshod work should not be allowed; (d) and that, therefore, the children's work should be kept well within their compass.

Again we know that the human hand is a wonderful and exquisite instrument to be used in a hundred movements exacting delicacy, direction and force; every such movement is a cause of joy as it leads to the pleasure of execution and the triumph of success. We begin to understand this and make some efforts to train the young in the deft handling of tools and the practice of handicrafts. Some day perhaps, we shall see apprenticeship to trades revived and good and beautiful work enforced. In so far, we are laying ourselves out to secure that each shall "live his life"; and that, not at his neighbor's expense; because, so wonderful is the economy of the world that when a man really lives his life he benefits his neighbor as well as himself; we all thrive in the well being of each." Charlotte Mason
These have made a lovely centerpiece for our table!

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